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Be an inventor… not just a storyteller..


If you wanted to know who has held the most rattle snakes in their mouth at any give time, and I know you do, you’d go to the same place anyone in the world would; The Guinness Book of Records.

It’s now so iconic it’s easy to forget its connection to the black Irish stout that bearsit’s name. Legend has it. it was printed as a means of settling arguments in pubs after a disagreement over what is the fastest game bird erupted in 1951.

Likewise, the Michelin Guide that hands out the famed “Michelin Stars” that make or break Chef’s careers started in 1900 as a means for drivers to finding lodgings, mechanics and to sell more auto parts.

Both were invented as marketing ideas, proved useful, and grew from brand utilities to world authorities.

So what do these ancient books have to do with doing digital?

Well, way back then, they had just ink and paper to build their branded utilities.  You now have words, pictures, video, interactivity, proximity, time, data yanked off social media profiles, and the means to combine these elements to build yours.

People like useful things a helluva lot better than they like ads, so it’s not the worst place to start your thinking.

So with your next creative brief, I hearby give you permission to invent something that makes peoples lives better and get your client to flip the bill. if you ensure it’s relevant, they’ll be happy to.

Don’t fret, stories are still important, but nowadays it’s more powerful to give people stories rather than tell them.

I will get on to that in my next post.

This is part of a talk I did for Award Copyschool. For my next rant follow me on twitter @warmcola . Thanks to Damian Royce for the storyteller/inventor analogy.