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The future just dropped this off. Thought you might be interested.

Yep, kiss goodbye to your mousmats people - leap motion is now available for pre order.



How to come up with digital ideas. approaches + techniques.

How to come up with digital ideas.

View more presentations from Ben Keenan.
Here is the talk I did last night for Melbourne Award School on how to come up with digital solutions – and not ads to solve marketing problems.Thanks again to David De Ponce de Leon for having me along.
This is a part of a talk/workshop that I do which is constantly evolving. Any/all feedback welcome.


Global Village Construction Set. A positive glimpse into the not too distant future.




T-shirts that instantly go out of fashion.

There really is no such thing as new idea, just clever combinations of old ones.

This is what you get when you cross pollenate Zazz with Threadless