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Guaranteed to get under you skin.


An amazing spoken word piece/animation about bullying and defiance by Shane Koyczan.

Rodney Mullen: “there is an intrinsic value in creating for the sake of creating”

An articulate, heartfelt, intelligent TED talk by skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen. There is a sequence at the beginning where he shows a video of his 14 year old self doing an ollie, what he brushes over is the fact that he invented this fundamental trick and 100′s of others which form the basis of modern skateboarding. His take on creativity and innovation and how you feed off your peers and progress can be applied to any creative practice. I haven’t ridden a skateboard since my teens, but I would class him as one of my all time heroes.

3 zero budget digital campaigns you wish you thought of

No crazy app builds, no augmented reality,  and no requests to scan a QR code.

Here are three  digital campaigns that are clever thinking and using the existing site functionality of sites we all use every day.

1. Bury the past.

In the Philippines, defaming women by creating sex scandal videos has reached epidemic proportions. A group defending womans’s rights has created this simple, effective Facebook meme to
counter these malicious acts.

2. The Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered.

In a very smart act of appreciating how fans now interact with your music and each other on You Tube,  Blink 182 created this achingly simple twist on how to treat people who use their music illegally.


3. Ikea Showroom.

Using a digital camera, his display stock and Facebook’s photo tagging function, the manager of a new Ikea store in Malmo pulled this off – one  of the cleveriest zero budget (not including his floor stock) local area marketing campaigns ever.