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The start of one trend and the death of another


High Street Northcote has two tattoo removal shops.

In the same way the trend of getting tattoos originated from this hipster enclave, the trend of removing them seems to be starting from the same place.

Years ago I asked someone who worked in finance how i could invest in tattoo removal. He just looked at me strangely.

I wished I’d asked someone else.

I’m  still thinking I might invest in a Tattoo removal franchise before they get popular in Doncaster.

Then I can invite you all to have a money fight on my yacht.

I made a short film for my friends at Toolbox.

I’ve joined my friends Matt, Rhys and Bruno in their remarkable idea for a businesses.

They are taking everything they know about design, software and mechatronics and creating a company that makes it possible for people with great ideas, to make those ideas happen.

Here’s a short film I made about their recent Laneway Learning session.

An invitation to a talk: Social media for people too busy to be on social media.

Social media.

You want to use it to connect to likeminded people, collaborators and customers, but you don’t know where to start…

I have many friends around me who are doing awesome things…awesome things that the world needs to know about.

I’ve also been having a lot of chats and coffees with people wanting to know how to get started on social media.

Hence, this invitation to an informal, instructional social media get-together for friends and friends of friends.

I’m no expert, because there are no experts. Social media is a constantly moving beast. But I’ll share with you what I know so far.

In an hour or so, I’ll attempt to get you up to speed with how to ‘read’ social media using free online tools, so you can see how it works, and more importantly, understand how it

might work for you.If you’re a little bamboozled by the vast nebulous nature of social media and all the hype surrounding it…you might want to join us.

Tomboy owners Georgina March and Pia Hambour, along with chocolatier Georgie Castle have kindly donated their space at the rear of Tomboy Cafe for our workshop.

The talk is completely free, but we can only fit 20 people. So RSVP is essential.
Chocolates and snacks will be available for purchase on the night.
Time: 7.45 for 8pm start.
Date: Monday, 2 September
Venue: Tomboy Café, 356 Smith Street, Collingwood
RSVP: Ben on ben((at)) or 0414 529 054 (first come, first serve).

Kind regardsBen, Michelle, Lieu, Georgie and Georgie.