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Yes, the notion of tricking search engines via keyword stacking and other tricks
is over.

Now Google has changed its search algorithms, you must now be genuinely engaging your audience to ensure a good ranking.

In the digital advertising hinterland, there is an eternal struggle between the storytellers and the inventors, the content makers and the platform builders. It seems the storytellers and makers might have won – thank God.

This, and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any specific courses on writing for digital and social media because it changes so quickly, has sparked this short course/workshop I’m conducting for AWARD.

It’s a field guide on how to formulate engaging ideas in digital and social media – and techniques and strategies you can use to make emerging technology and platforms relevant to your work.

It’s also going to be fun. I love this area, and am as obsessed by unpacking and teaching it as I am about working in it.

Please join us Friday week, there are still a couple of places left.


Copywriter & creative advertising friends, I need your sizeable brains and niche knowledge.

I am teaching a workshop later this month for AWARD on writing for digital and social media called Giving Data A Soul.

A big part of this will be equipping those who come with some valuable online resources.  So at the end of the course, they can actively keep updated on the ever-changing world of ads, ideas and innovations.

I have my own lists of sites and people I follow, but greedily, I want yours so it’s a much-rounded resource. Each contribution will be gratefully credited.

So if you’ll indulge me, can I ask for:

1. Your top three blogs for ads, ideas, online?

2. The top three people you follow in social media for up to date and relevant knowledge.

Post them below.

Thanks. You rule.

Copywriters needed to give data a soul. An AWARD workshop on writing for digital and social media.


I am very excited to be teaching two day intensive workshop for AWARD later this month.

It’s a practical field guide built out of my own experience as a Senior Copywriter/Digital Creative Director in the digital space over the last nine years, and my time as web designer and developer several years before that.

Because the truth is, although the roles of strategists, UX specialists and technologists have become essential. The role of the creative storyteller to give digital work a relevance and humanity is more valuable than ever.

Or to put it another way, we need Copywriters to give data a soul.

This workshop is for anyone working as an agency copywriter/communications specialist who uses writing, ideas and online to create their work.

Enrol here, or feel free to ask me any questions below.