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Getting your head around social media platforms using the mullet haircut as your guide.

I have many friends, and friends of friends who are doing awesome things. From content and copywritingarchitecture & interiors ,  artdesign, industrial design, tech start ups, mechatronics to supper clubs, and making the most amazing raw chocolates you’ll ever taste.

Twenty five or so of them joined me out the back of Tomboy Café’ this past Monday where I walked them through how to do social media when you have no time to do social media.

The talk is a pragmatic guide to how you might get on social media from an absolute standstill, and share that amazing thing you do with the world.

Here’s an excerpt from my talk: Getting your head around social media platforms using the mullet haircut as your guide.

We are all familiar with the mullet, and its legendary “Business” upfront, “Party” out the back credentials.

This haircut comes in quite helpful trying to get you own head around where you might devote your social media energy.

Looks like i might be doing this talk again in a month or so, follow me on twitter and i’ll keep you updated.

Rodney Mullen: “there is an intrinsic value in creating for the sake of creating”

An articulate, heartfelt, intelligent TED talk by skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen. There is a sequence at the beginning where he shows a video of his 14 year old self doing an ollie, what he brushes over is the fact that he invented this fundamental trick and 100′s of others which form the basis of modern skateboarding. His take on creativity and innovation and how you feed off your peers and progress can be applied to any creative practice. I haven’t ridden a skateboard since my teens, but I would class him as one of my all time heroes.

Artists revisit the scenes of geolocated tweets.


I have been thinking about this project for a week now after seeing it on PSFK.

It is beautiful, harrowing, and points out so much about how social media, especially things like Instagram and Twitter are flippant, yet at the same time permanent.

See more at Larson & Shilderman

A whole new way of telling a story using an iPhone.

The Silent History is a serialised novel that uses your iPhone and iPad’s means to combine video, text and proximity to document an fictional epidemic where people all around the world cease talking, or communicating on any level.  It does smack of a zombie invasion, but so far I’m very intrigued as to where this is going.

The irony of me being on a crowded train silently engrossed in my phone this morning while everyone around me was doing the same wasn’t lost on me either.

Inspiring stuff, well worth a look.