Recent projects

• After packing the room last year George Hedon and I will be hosting the Aussies & Kiwi’s meetup at SXSW Interactive 2018, do come and join us if you are in Austin.

• I have just led the worlds largest travel company in creating their first-ever brand campaign. I used my collaborative process and built the strategy and the creative with the companies own marketing and content teams

• I co-created a PSA documentary with Academy Awarding winning director Eva Orner called “It’s People Like Us”. The case study of how this came into the world is here.

• I helped AKQA build an on-demand 3D printed charity product  for a very worthy cause with my friend Chris Jovanov.

• My Snickers Hungerithm campaign went on to be the 5th most award digital work in the world in 2017.

• I’m humbled to say that four of the creatives I hired as juniors and mentored in my role as Interactive Creative Director at Clemenger BBDO ranked in the top 10 creatives in the world in 2017. Maybe mentoring is where my future lies, more on that soon



Past projects

• I am completing collaborations with a start-up called PickStar with the great Sam Hodgson and Chris Jovanov. We’ve  been helping them with their branding, digital strategy, and growing and scaling their product. I think this idea is uniquely tapping into the insight that we value experiences above things, and what we do will soon far outweigh what we have.

• My Look Birdy app I created last year has been licensed by Pedigree Dog Food as DogSelfie. It’s exciting to see what began as a personal project to test out my making and marketing skills go this far. It launched a couple of months ago and pushed itself into number 73 in the Australian app store, achieving tens of thousands of downloads. Funny what happens when you finish something.

• I have some new workshops that are taking shape, namely one on Digital Literacy, and another that teaches creatives to integrate data into their process. More on that soon.

What’s next?

• My short-term plan is to work with good people working on good things. So far so good.