Me talking at World Vision Australia.

The very talented creative people I’ve worked alongside have all shared a common trait – their unique ability to not have even the slightest inkling as to how they come up their ideas.

So, i started to jot down their habits. This has since evolved into a series of workshops I teach that encompass practical creativity, social media, emerging online platforms and digital copywriting.

You can read more about how these workshops evolved in an interview I did with Smart Planet in 2012.

I have since conducted workshops for World Vision, WWF, Melbourne University, Fairfax Media, eConsultancy, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, The Department of Transportation, and to students at AWARD School and CopySchool.

I was head of the AWARD School in Melbourne, Australia’s leading school of creative thinking in 2013-14, and mentoring and teaching continues to be a passion.

More about The Thought Police workshops here.

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  1. Ken Carter says:

    I’m hoping you have some on-line creativity sessions. Melbourne is a long way from Memphis. thx, Ken

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