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Teaching ideation, selling and executing ideas has always been a huge part of my process.

I’ve served as the head of AWARD School, Australia’s most prestigious school of creative thinking.

My career highlight so far is the fact that four creatives I hired and mentored as juniors in my role as Interactive Creative Director at Clemenger Melbourne ranked in the top 10 most awarded in the world in 2017.

I share and teach this same creative process in the following masterclasses..



“How to out-think everyone”

Modern Conceptual Creativity Masterclass.

If you knew where your best ideas came from, that means you could return to that place on demand. If you knew what to keep and what to discard along the way, you’d get there faster.

This is a unique course for those of us who are paid to be creative on demand. It’s a field guide into how to approach and solve creative briefs and create stories, campaigns and products that solve modern business problems using the KEENAN method.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • An understanding of the modern creative shift from artist to creative entrepreneur.
  • We’ll examine the modern shape of interactive ideas, and the for inputs and outputs.
  • Where your best ideas come from, and how to be always adding to your knowledge.
  • A modern creative needs to be a communicator and collaborator.
  • We’ll practice the four ways into modern ideas.
  • Anchor one: Existing cultural shifts and tensions.
  • Anchor two: Existing behaviours being adopted.
  • Anchor three: Existing tools or novel technology.
  • Anchor four: Existing platforms and networks.

Format: A one day workshop for practising creatives, and tailored live workshops using live briefs.

Please contact me for rates and availability.


“How to sell creative work to un-creative people”

How to sell a new idea Masterclass.

This workshop is based on a simple premise, you don’t sell ideas you infect people with them. It’s a field guide taught by one of Australia’s most awarded Creative Directors who have conceived and sold-in everything from complex data-driven social campaigns, technology products, to long-form documentaries.

As creatives, our natural instincts make us never go down the same street in the same way twice. This working teaches you a simple method you can apply your creativity not just to your work, but in how

What you’ll get out of it:

• A broader vocabulary that allows you to frame and articulate your ideas strategically.
• An appreciation for the obstacles clients face in approving creative ideas, and how to lead them to better work.
• We are living in a time where creativity is fast being commoditised,
• Identifying your strengths, and making sure you are selling them as well as the work.
• You’ll be practised in unpacking an idea into a robust structure that gives your client everything they need to sell the idea when you are not in the room.
• Identifying your strengths, and making sure you are selling them as well as the work.
• We’ll delve into persuasion science and psychology to better understand how to best present an idea to a client.

Format: A one day, or half-day workshop for professionals who conceive, sell and make creative work.

Please contact me for rates and availability.


“How to unlock social growth and engagement”

Strategic and effective social media messaging masterclass

This workshop is specifically for communications professionals in public service and corporates. It unpacks valuable techniques used by big agencies to allow your messages to cut through and attract followers while being sensitive to stakeholder management, and the tone of your department.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • Understanding the importance of insights and where to look for them.
  • How to create scarcity by pinpointing the most relevant time when your audience will be receptive to your message.
  • Learning to go past your first thoughts to unlock more original ways to solve communication problems.
  • You’ll learn the “creative context” technique, a simple yet powerful way to research your audience and build your content out of things they already share and value.
  • How headlines use curiosity gaps, benefits and persuasion cues to entice readers.

Format: A half-day workshop for government and corporate professionals who manage and create for social and PR channels.

Please contact me for rates and availability.

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